Free 12-Point Energy Inspection

Energy Rescue is offering a different energy audit program than most. This unique 12 point energy inspection is free and easy with no hassle. With our latest thermo-imaging cameras and other high-end equipment, we will conduct a detailed 12-point free inspection of your home. So, what separates this audit from the rest?

  • A/C Efficiency

  • LED Light Rebates

  • Easy Inspection

  • Cost Efficient

  • And More...

Get Free Bids

We first see if you qualify for any free services. We then bid out all of your needed services to local licensed contractors to ensure you get the best deal available in your area. This will also save you hours of shopping around, and dealing with pushy salesmen. We know the ins and outs. So, we can negotiate with multiple companies to ensure you are getting the best overall deal. By setting you up with professionals we trust, you will always have peace of mind. With a list of licensed contractors for a variety of services, we have you covered.

Energy Bill Savings

Our customers save on average more than $100 a month. We can get you these savings with little or no money out of pocket. Investing in making your home as energy efficient as possible will save you money in the long run. At Energy Rescue, we help where we think is necessary, and don’t push you to invest in products that aren’t. No matter what you have been doing to cut down energy costs, we have suggestions to help your home even more. This includes rebates that can get you money back, if applicable. So, with high summer power bills, energy savings opportunities, and solar companies showing up to your door nonstop, Energy Rescue has you covered!

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